Screen Printing Services – Tips On Saving Money When You Order A Screen Printing Run

Screen printing services can be a great way to get t-shirts with a logo cheaply in bulk. This simple technique of screen printing has been around for many years and has already proven its artistic worth for both amateurs and screen printing businesses. As simple as the task may be there is unfortunately several simple mistakes that people new to ordering a set of shirts make can drive up the cost and leave the customer unsatisfied with the results of the print run. Read on for some easy things you can do to make sure that your t-shirt order ends up as visually appealing and cost effective as you want it to be.

When you design a logo you want on t-shirts, use as few colors as possible to save money. Since a display screen printing style needs to be set up individually for each customer’s order, the cost of a small run with many colors can get high quickly. One good money saving strategy is to order the shirt itself in one of the internal colors of your design. The larger your screen printed order, the actual less you will pay for each individual shirt. Since a print out run is set up one design at a time, the tee shirt, jersey printing serviceĀ will save money if they may print more of what you want, and they usually pass the savings on to the customer.

When you choose your T-shirts, remember that a dark color that needs white under your design and style will cost more to printing than a light color with a dark design on top. In general, dark tshirts cost more than light t shirts to buy from the shirt wholesaler, and the ink to put a logo on a dark shirt will cost more as well. Eventually, these charges can really add up.

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